19th Century Pont de Pierre crosses the Garonne

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  • Bordeaux


Bordeaux is a very vibrant city, beautifully set along the River Garonne and close to the Atlantic. In the last few years it has shed its sleepy town image and turned into a great and happening destination, with a vibrant scene. Of course the city is also on the map because of its fabled wines. In fact so great is the passion for the stuff that Bordeaux has an entire complex dedicated to it – the newly open Cité du Vin, boasting a futuristic structure. But if modern architecture is not your thing, Bordeaux’s beautiful city centre is for its majority Unesco-listed – the largest urban World Heritage Site.

Gaytway Guide to Bordeaux

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    • A City of Wine
    • Bordeaux is famous for its superb wines and so it is not surprising that the city has a whole complex dedicated to them. The architecture is definitely space-age and inside this decanter-shaped building you will find digital guides leading visitors around 20 different themed sections covering everything from vine cultivation, grape varieties and wine production to new wine trends.

    • Walk on Water
    • In the centre of Bordeaux, opposite the Bourse Palace is a very spectacular fountain, called Miroir d’Eau, or the water mirror. It is a huge extent of black granite covered by a thin slick of water. When the sun shines on the feature the refection is amazing. And to add to the fun every 20 minutes or so a dense mist is ejected. Quite spectacular.

    • Gothic Splendour
    • The Cathedral of St Andre is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and a UNESCO site, dating back to the 11th century. Next to the church is the equally stunning Gothic belfry, Tour Pey-Berland, erected between 1440 and 1466.

    • Walk along the Garonne
    • The city of Bordeaux sits near the estuary of the placid Garonne river and there are plenty of garden and riverside promenades to enjoy. Crossing the river is the beautiful Pont de Pierre, built in 1820.
  • Le Trou Duck

    Le Trou Duck is a well-established bar in Bordeaux. During the afternoon it offers snacks & small lunch plates and salads. On weekend evenings the bar gets quite busy with music & dancing.

    LS Cafe

    Lesbian Bar & Cafe in the suburb of Begles. The only bar in this region exclusively for women. Established 7 years ago by Laurence and Sophie.
  • Stereo Klubs

    Stereo Klubs is a funky gay dance space in Bordeaux, with one room for Pop and one for Techno beats. There is a darkroom as well.
  • Lesbian & Gay Pride Bordeaux

    Pride Bordeaux is held on the first weekend of June but the association organises plenty of events year-round. Pride's HQ is at the Girofard - the LGBT info centre in Bordeaux. 

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