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Lyon is the third largest city in France and enjoys a privileged and strategic position at the meeting of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers. Since its beginnings in Roman times, when it was called Lugdunum, it has had a rich history and it has been an industrial and financial hub for the last five centuries. The city has also a reputation for its quality restaurants and great local wines. Shopping is refined and plentiful. At night the city comes alive with an impressive scene and its LGBT offering is also pretty huge. Most venues are located in the centre, in the 1st Arrondissement.

Gaytway Guide to Lyon

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    • An ambitious city plan
    • Where the rivers Saône and Rhône meet was an old decrepit industrial neighbourhood. Over the last few years a huge project, backed by EU resources has seen this neighbourhood called Confluence, regenerated with some amazing buildings, such as Pôle de Commerces et de Loisirs, an enormous shopping complex with an innovative, two-hectare, transparent air-cushion roof.

    • Lose yourself in La Vieux Lyon
    • The Old Lyon district extends over 424 hectares at the foot of the Fourvière hill and is one of Europe’s most extensive Renaissance neighbourhoods. Bankers and merchants used to live here and made the city prosperous in those ancient times.

    • View the city from above
    • From the Hotel de Ville, in Old Lyon you can take a funicular to the top of the Fourviere Hill for an amazing bird’s eye view of the city. Also on the Fourvière hill is La Tour Métallique which was privately built by the owners of the land to rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris – and it actually looks a bit like the Parisian counterpart.
  • Bar La Ruche

    La Ruche is one of Lyon's main gay bars and very popular at weekends when the crowd often spills on the pavement Mixed crowd.

    Cap Opéra

    Cap Opéra is a friendly place, located in the city centre, in the 1st district next to the City Hall. The bar will be has a lounge-style atmosphere, quite trendy & stylish.

    L’Étoile Opéra

    A gay-friendly cocktail bar with a cosy Bohemian décor, also serving light snacks & refreshments. Outside terrace.

    Matinée Bar

    A cocktail bar and restaurant with terrace just steps from the Place Bellecour. An ideal place for a festive aperitif among friends in the evening.
  • IT Bar

    Night bar in Lyon located down the slopes of the Croix Rousse, near the bars & sex clubs. This venue plays electro music mostly from the 80's and music on demand.

    Le Marais - Lyon

    The Marais is the lesbian bar & dance club in Lyon where girls of all ages come to spend the best evening, in a good atmosphere and clubbing music.

    Le Pink's Club

    A very popular dance club in Lyon, attracting mainly a young crowd.

    United Café

    A popular gay dance club with an extensive dance floor. Music is pop, dance & anthems. There are occasional events, such as karaoke nights.

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