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  • Marseille


Unlike the more polished Cannes and St-Tropez, Marseille has always had an image problem: the second city in France and the gateway to Provence has suffered with higher-than-average crime and an urban landscape often gritty and unappealing. However, Marseille is turning a page: since being the European City of Culture in 2013, things have been improving steadily and a new sense of optimism has been found. This is great news for a city that has an incredible wealth of culture and history – the ancient Romans and Greeks called it Massilia.

As in those ancient days, Marseille is centred round its old Port (Vieux Port), which today is populated by yachts and pleasure boats and boasts some pretty good fish restaurants.

From a LGBT point of view, France is a very advanced and welcoming country, so gay & lesbian people are protected by law, including full same-sex marriage provisions. Marseille offers a few gay bars & venues, located in the centre of town.

Gaytway Guide to Marseille

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    • Discover a common history
    • The Museum of the Civilisations of Europe & The Mediterranean (MuCEM) is an amazing complex, first from an architectural point of view, but most importantly because it houses a semi-permanent exhibition ranging across the history, genealogy and culture of the Mediterranean, taking in everything from archaeological artefacts to oil paintings.

    • The Historical Old Port
    • The old port of Marseille has a whopping 26 centuries of history. Today, it remains a thriving harbour for fishing boats, pleasure yachts and tourists. Check the lovely restaurants and cafes around the port and enjoy a spot of people watching.

    • Le Vieux Panier
    • Just north of the old port there is a beautiful neighbourhood called Le Panier. In ancient Greek times this was the agora and main market of the city, hence the name – meaning ‘the basket’. Here you will find a web of lanes, small craft and artisan shops and colourful terraced houses. Authentic old Marseille.

    • La Jolliette
    • Further north from Le Panier is the regenerated area of La Jolliette. In the main square you’ll find a great lively market and in Les Docks area there are now some great shops, boutiques and interesting galleries. For more international upscale shopping try the Terraces du Port.

    • La Villa Mediterranee
    • Just next to MuCEM is an amazing building, designed by architect Stefano Boeri in 2013. A sleek white with a spectacular cantilever overhanging an ornamental pool. Inside there are some multimedia exhibitions about the Mediterranean.
  • Play

    A friendly bar, an ideal place to meet friends, have a drink, to meet people. Enjoy DJs on rotation on Fri & Sat. Special nightly events.
  • Flamingo

    Mixed club which is popular amongst gay men on Saturday nights.

    New Can Can

    The New Cancan is the only gay club in Marseille. It opened its doors in June 1991. Its owner Michael Piacenza started Bar-1900 in 1978 which was the first gay bar to open in Marseille.

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