Sacre Ceour from La Tour Montparnasse

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La Ville Lumiere needs no introduction. Paris is iconic architectures, glorious food, stylish shopping and a wealth of culture and art that is second to none. No wonder that this is the number one city on the world’s wish list. Paris is ‘grand’ and ‘local’ at the same time: its majestic boulevards and rich buildings coexist with the village-nature of its neighbourhoods. Visitors who have never been here will marvel at its stunning beauty of its main sights – but even someone who has been to Paris a million times will find some corners of undiscovered charm that seem to pop up at every corner.

France has a very advanced legislation when it comes to LGBT rights and Paris has been a very cosmopolitan and laissez-faire city for a very long time. And as a very big metropolis it offers an incredibly rich choice when it comes to LGBT culture, nightlife and entertainment. Paris’ gay quarter - the centrally located Marais, is not just lively and buzzing but also pretty and interesting to explore.

Gaytway Guide to Paris

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    • La Tour Eiffel
    • The centrepiece of the the World Exhibition of 1889, Gustave Eiffel’s creation was supposed to be dismantled afterwards. It didn’t and it became one of the most known and photographed landmarks of the French capital. At 324 metres it offers some unparalleled views over Paris and the journey up via the elevators, seeing the imposing steel frame from up close is in itself fascinating.

    • L’Ile de la Cité
    • Originally the first nucleus of the city, the island in the middle of the Seine is occupied by the towering Gothic spires of Notre Dame. But a few steps away there are some other amazing buildings too: the breath-taking Medieval stained windows of the Saint-Chapelle, the imposing Conciergerie, a former prison and the quaint flower market.

    • World-class Museums
    • When it comes to art treasures, Paris has a wealth second to none. From the huge extent of the Louvre, to the Impressionism at Museé d’Orsay, to the still astonishing Centre Pompidou. And while the big ones like the Louvre are often super-busy, especially in the summer, there are heaps of smaller – but no less fascinating smaller museums, like the Museé Rodin or the Arts & Métiers.

    • Champs Elysees
    • The grandest tree-lined avenue of Paris, the Champs Elysees run for almost 2 Km from the Luxor Obelisk in the monumental Place de La Concorde to the also monumental Arc du Triumph. Despite being touristy in places, it is also quintessentially Parisian. The 14th of July Parade and The Tour De France all have this stretch of road as their backdrop.

    • Montmartre & The Sacre Coeur
    • Sitting on a hill with postcard views over the city, Montmartre still has a village feel, with its small shops, its cafes and restaurants. Dominated by the white and imposing towers of the Sacre Coeur church, even when swamped with tourists it maintains its character, immortalised in countless movies and books.

    • La Rive Gauche
    • Traditionally the Left Bank of the Seine has been the refuge of the intellectuals, the artists, the philosophers and the writers. It was also called the Latin Quarter because the students of the nearby university spoke Latin between them. Today it’s a charming neighbourhood of gorgeous shops, quaint cafés and tiny restaurants.

    • Le Marais
    • The Marais is the gay district of Paris. Situated just north of the river, it is here that most of the LGBT bars, clubs and venues are located. It is also a very picturesque area of the city, especially around the nearby Place des Vosges, so it’s nice to also come during the day time to have a look around.

    • Versailles
    • The imperial court & residence of the Monarchs of France was set up by Louis XIV. The palace’s proportions are breath-taking: it has 700 rooms, more than 2,000 windows, 1,250 fireplaces and 67 staircases. Not to mention the extensive manicured gardens, with countless fountains, the extravagant furnishings, chandeliers, gilt decoration, marble floors and opulent paintings.
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    Banana Cafe

    Established for over 25 years, this is an iconic bar in the Les Halles area. 

    Bears' Den

    The Bears’ Den is a very popular bar for bears, daddies, as well as their friends and chasers.

    Cafe Voulez-Vous

    A modern New York - style bar in the centre of the Marais district.


    Cox has been open since 1995. It is located in the heart of the Marais.

    CUD Bar

    The Cud Bar is one of the flagship institutions of the Marais, attracting a mostly young & friendly crowd.

    Duplex Bar

    An artsy and relaxed bar in the Marais. Regular art events.

    El Hombre

    A new dance bar for bears and their friends & admirers located between the Marais and Les Halles.

    Feeling Bar

    A quaint, low-key bar in the Marais, attracting a mixed crowd. 


    Situated in the Marais, Freedj is a bar and a club on two levels.

    Le Velvet Bar

    The Velvet Bar is a bar where people of all ages mix and with a cosy atmosphere, near Les Halles.

    Le Who's

    Upmarket popular & trendy restaurant & bar. Great brunch options at weekend.

    Les Soffleurs

    Great bar in the Marais with very trendy atmosphere


    Friendly cruisy bar, popular with more mature / bear types.

    One Way

    Small cruisy bar to the north of the Marais, attracting a mostly leather / bear crowd, established in 1991.

    Open Cafe

    Popular gay cafe and restaurant meeting place at one of the busiest crossroads in Le Marais. For (very late) breakfast and lunch till 5pm. 

    Queztal Bar

    A very large bar that it's very popular at weekend and is considered to be one of the 'musts' of the Marais

    Raidd Bar

    The Raidd Bar is in the Marais district. It has been for many years a favourite of locals & visitors alike.

    Sly Bar

    A relative newcomer on the scene, Sly Bar cool, trendy atmosphere and a small terrace.

    The Labo

    The Labo bar club Paris (formerly 'The Eagle'): in the heart of the French capital, a new trendy place to enjoy.

    Zee Bar

    Cosy bar part of the Zee Resto
  • Gibus Club

    The Gibus is an established venue with regular gay club nights.

    Le Queen

    The Famous Club Queen is bringing a unique combination of music, fashion and celebrity states to the nightclub world.

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