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  • Cologne


There is really an awful lot to see and do in Cologne. The city is dominated by the towering twin spires of its famous Gothic Cathedral, which is Germany’s most loved and popular attraction. Cologne’s bustling streets are jam packed with great shops and the pedestrianised Rhine River promenades are fantastic, especially in the summer months. People from Cologne are famous for their liberalism and tolerance – and they love having a good time! Carnival here is a major event, attracting visitors from all over Europe and beyond. Those characters are the reason why the city is home to a huge gay & lesbian community; there are over 30 LGBT bars & venues, mostly concentrated in the centre and in the so-called ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

Germany has some of the best legal provisions when it comes to LGBT rights, though same-sex marriage has not arrived here yet (but civil unions give equivalent rights). But fear not: LGBT visitors are welcome without exceptions and will find a very established gay scene, with venues catering for all tastes.

Gaytway Guide to Cologne

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    • The stunning Dom
    • The towering spires of Cologne’s cathedral are famous all over the world and no surprise: this is the largest Gothic church in Europe. In fact The towers for its two spires give the cathedral the largest façade of any church in the world. Built between 1248 and 1473, it is a symbol of the city and indeed of the whole country.

    • Carnival Fun
    • Cologne is famous for its Carnival, which attracts huge numbers of revellers from all over Europe and beyond. The highlight of the carnival is Rose Monday (Rosenmontag), two days before Ash Wednesday.

    • The Chocolate Museum
    • Attracting over 600,000 visitors a year, this museum was opened by Hans Imhoff in 1993 and shows the entire history of chocolate, from its beginnings with the Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs to contemporary products and production methods.

    • A Perfumed History
    • Cologne gives the name to the homonymous ‘Eau de Cologne’ which was born here in this city. Mixed by Italian-born Johann Maria Farina in 1709, you can still visit the Farina fragrance museum situated opposite the Town Hall bringing to life three centuries of fragrance and cultural history.

    • Walk around the Old Town
    • Sadly during WWII a large part of the old town was destroyed. However after the conflict the historical centre of Cologne was carefully rebuilt and now it houses some pretty gorgeous shops, restaurants and bars.
  • Barcelon Colonia

    A bar opened in 2011 by Jim and Ramiro, recreating the style of Barcelona and its great artist Antoni Gaudi.

    Baustelle 4U

    Baustelle4U is a local pub for everyone, whether gay, trans, lesbian, or straight, whether old or young, whether into fetish, sneakers or a Bear. Here everyone is welcome.


    Since 2008, Josef and Wolfgang run the Casino-Eck, a slightly different neighbourhood pub. Here everyone is welcome, whether young or old, male or…

    Cox Cologne

    Cox Cologne is a large gay bar for bears, mature & masculine men (30-50). It gets very busy at the weekend.

    Die Mumu

    The Mumu is Cologne's coolest bar, open since June 2008. A eccentric and quirky bar - certainly not average.

    EX Corner

    A must for any Cologne visitor! In business for over 20 years this legendary camp bar right in the middle of the legendary "Bermuda-Triangle" parties…


    A bar with an attractive design and a friendly and attentive team bringing a pleasant atmosphere.

    Gentle-Bears Bar

    In the heart of the old town is this popular hangout for bears and their admirers.

    Hennes' Terrasse

    Hennes' Terrasse is a gay-friendly outdoor space open from April to October. 

    Iron Bar

    A popular classic cocktail bar in the centre of Cologne. 


    A modern and attractive design characterise the Ix-Bar as a cocktail and wine bar. You will find here guests from around the world.


    The Kattwinkel occupies a special place in the scene. Situated at the Eigelsteintorburg, away from the usual gay areas it is a friendly and relaxed…


    Maxbar has been in operation for over 13 years and it's a place where everyone is welcome.

    My Lord Bar - Café

    An iconic venue with a long history, which attracts a mature crowd and their admirers. There is an outdoor terrace.


    The new bar of Ex-IRON Bar boss Torsten Ahmon in the 'Bermuda Triangle', Cologne. 

    Zum Pitter Cologne

    Zum Pitter has been around for many years and still it's one of the most popular bars in Cologne. 
  • Beatz&Boyz @ Club Banhof Ehrenfeld

    Beat&Boyz is held on the fourth Friday of the month at Club Banhodf and attracts a young crowd. Mostly dance & electro tunes.

    Celebrate! @ LOOM

    What to do on a Wednesday? Celebrate! A party for everyone, whether lesbian, gay or straight, whether old or young! 

    Gravity @ Privé Club

    Gravity takes place in the brand-new club Privé, in the centre of Cologne, every 3rd Saturday of every month.

    Green Komm @ Nachtflug

    The Green Komm after hour is internationally well known and one of the most popular events in Europe with international and local DJs. Green Komm…

    HomOriental @ Venue

    Cologne's monthly party for gay Turkish men & their many friends. Turkish Pop, Oriental house, Kurdish, Arabian, Farsi, Greek, Jewish, Armenian and…

    Male Party @ Die Halle Tor 2

    The Male Party is a new amazing circuit-style event that takes place every couple of months. 

    The Blue Lounge

    A club that has been around for over 13 years in the heart of Cologne. Mixed, but mostly women: Ursula Iseken and Claudia Lenzen will welcome you for…
  • Bruno's Köln

    Located at the heart of Cologne’s gay scene close to the Rudolfplatz Underground Station, the Brunos store offers the latest and most diverse selection of fashion, magazines, books, toys, condoms and lubricants at fair prices. 

    MGW Cologne

    MGW - Cologne opened in 2007 and offers an area of ​​nearly 300 sqm of fashion, streetwear, t-shirts, Leather, Rubber, Sportswear, Toys, Lube, Media, DVDs.
  • Kölner Lesben-und Schwulentag - Köln Pride / CSD

    The organisation coordination and directing Cologne Pride / CSD. The 2017 edition takes place between 24 Jun - 9 Jul.

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