Christmas markets are big in German cities

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  • Frankfurt


Frankfurt am Main – also dubbed Mainhattan, is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe and the home of many financial institutions, including the European Central Bank, with its gleaming HQ. But this is a city that punches well above its weight – its airport is one of the busiest in the world and the city’s fairs attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. It would however be unfair to brand the city as a mere business hub. Frankfurt boasts a very pretty Old Town and it has a thriving scene, thanks to the many students who live here.

Germany has some of the best legal provisions when it comes to LGBT rights, though same-sex marriage has not arrived here yet (but civil unions give equivalent rights). Though Frankfurt hasn’t got the same eclectic and alternative scene as Berlin, visitors will find a very established gay scene, with venues catering for all tastes.

Gaytway Guide to Frankfurt

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    • The red Kaiserdom
    • Construction of the beautiful cathedral of Frankfurt started in the 13th century. Built in sandstone it has a distinctive red/orange colour. The tall Gothic spire measures almost 100 metres and can be climbed via 324 steep steps – the effort is to be rewarded by an amazing view.

    • The Main Tower
    • The Main Tower dominates the skyline of the city and it’s a must to take the super-fast lift that whisks you to the observation deck in just 45 seconds. There is also a great restaurant & bar on the 53rd floor, which is not cheap, but allows some spectacular views.

    • Explore the Römerberg
    • The Römerberg is the main square of Old Frankfurt and with its ornate timber buildings it gives an idea of what the whole city was like in Medieval times. Here the Christmas markets are held from late November.

    • Banking & Financial Frankfurt
    • Frankfurt is one of the world’s most important cities for all things financial. Here sit the HQ of the European Central Bank (ECB), in a 180 metres-high tower and the Stock Exchange (Börse), in a neoclassical building from 1843. Check the famous ‘Bull & Bear’ sculptures opposite the latter.

    • Lunch along the Freßgass
    • The Freßgass is an upmarket shopping street which is fully pedestrianised and is known for its amazing selection of restaurants, food shops and eateries. There is plenty of outdoor seating in the summer. Gets very busy with bankers from the stock exchange and other nearby financial institutions.
  • Babylon

    A friendly gay bar in Frankfurt with weekly specials.

    Bar Central

    A stylish & trendy lounge bar, albeit quite mixed (Thu is Ladies Night).


    A trendy and upmarket lounge bar, attracting a young crowd. Music videos and pop tunes.

    La Gata

    La Gata has been in business for over 30 years and it's Frankfurt's one & only lesbian bar.


    A popular bar with a welcoming feel - special karaoke nights on Tuesdays!


    Bar attracting 20-40 something in the gay area of Frankfurt.

    The Birmingham Pub

    For over 30 years Birmingham Pub with its traditional British atmosphere has been very cozy pub located in central Frankfurt.

    The Switchboard

    A bar/coffee shop that is connected to and staffed by AIDS-Hilfe Foundation. Also works as advise and help centre.

    Zum Schwejk

    For 30 year this has been a popular & very kitch hangout. Bearish crowd.
  • Atomic @ Nachtleben

    Nuclear powered Indie/Pop for Queers and Folks - Since 2006 and every 2nd Friday.

    Club 78 @ Union Halle

    Now only happening 4 times a year this is the party for those who like 70s, 80s and 90s tunes.

    Delicious @ Gibson

    The House Party for gays and friends happening 2-3 times a year at Club Gibson.

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