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  • Hamburg


The second German city by population, Hamburg was shaped by its maritime heritage, from its architecture, to its food, to the character of its residents (often, as it is the case with sea ports, colourful and a bit off-the-scale). Since the times of the Medieval Hanseatic League, Hamburg has always been – and still is – a major gateway to world commerce. For further evidence check the Speicherstadt area, with its old restored sombre warehouse facing the canals – a bit like a Germanic Venice, or the Reeperbahn red-light district, which was the first point of call for sailors on shore leave.

Germany has some of the best legal provisions when it comes to LGBT rights, though same-sex marriage has not arrived here yet (but civil unions give equivalent rights).

A few LGBT clubs are located in the Reeperbahn area, but there are plenty more in the more upmarket St Georg area. Here, the Lange Reihe is the starting point of Hamburg's annual Christopher Street Day (Pride) parade.

Gaytway Guide to Hamburg

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    • On the Reeperbahn trail
    • Sometimes described as die sündigste Meile (the most sinful mile), the Reeperbahn/St Pauli area is famous for its red-light establishments, though it has undergone a progressive clean-up in recent years. There are quite a few gay bars & clubs here. It is also where the Beatles started their musical career.

    • Industrial heritage at the Speicherstadt
    • This area, with its extensive canals, reminds of Venice and it’s great explored by boat (Barkasse). It is the largest warehouse complex in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. You will find some gorgeous shops, cafes and galleries in these restored 7-story buildings.

    • Surviving Spire
    • The only remaining spire of the once imposing St Nikolai church has been kept as memento of the destructions & atrocity of war. The crypt houses an underground exhibit on the horrors of WWII, including the bombing of Hamburg, which caused 35,000 victims and incinerated the whole city.

    • The impressive Rathaus
    • Hamburg’s Town Hall is really impressive and was built from 1886 to 1897 to replace the previous one destroyed by a fire. The magnificent sandstone building houses the city's senate and parliament and has 647 rooms.

    • The view from St Michael’s Church
    • Rebuilt three times between 1641 and 1912 - St. Michaelis Church today offers an informative multimedia presentation on the history of the city. It also has a great viewing spot from its tower, 106 metres up.
  • Café Gnosa

    A cosy gay cafe that's been in operation for 20 years serving delicious homemade cakes & snacks.

    Café Uhrlaub

    Café Uhrlaub has been in operation since 1984 and has recently been renovated after a change of ownership.

    Cube Cafe Bar

    A modern & very sleek bar right on the Lange Reike.

    ExtraTour Gay Bar

    Since 1989, a very popular & intimate bar in the St Georg gay area with a young crowd.

    Generation Bar

    A very popular bar on the Lange Reihe, with outdoor space in the summer and panoramic windows. Younger, trendy crowd.

    Kyti Voo

    A great and very popular cafe on the Lange Reihe with a fab outside terrace, from where you can people-watch.

    La Strada

    A fun & friendly bar very popular with hustlers and those who seek them.


    A very popular and trendy bar, especially busy and full-on at weekends.

    Olivia Jones Bar

    A great drag / cabaret bar with some legendary shows, hosted by Oliver Knobel (a.k.a. Olivia Jones).

    Piccadilly Bar

    A small bar with an old-time atmosphere. Friendly, older crowd.

    Pick-Up Bar

    Small basement gay bar, open since 2009. PickUp attracts all types of men but also many hustlers.

    Toom Peerstall

    One of Hamburg's oldest bars with a more mature crowd and playing classic camp old tunes. 


    One of Hamburg's most popular gay bars, especially busy at weekends. Young crowd.
  • Babylon @ Klubhaus St Pauli

    A men-only club night that takes place every two months at Klubhaus. 
  • Bruno's Hamburg

    The Hamburg branch of popular Bruno's store selling books, DVDs, underwear, etc.

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