Temple of Hephaestus in the Agora

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  • Athens


The Greek capital has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last few years. However Athens – and Greece in general, represents first and foremost our history and heritage, somewhere we all come from, culturally at least. Athens is truly an endlessly amazing open-air museum, with old and modern merge at every corner, sometimes with a touch of grunge. After the hype of the Olympics and the current financial troubles, Athens is putting a brave face and there are lots of hip hotels, good restaurants and entertainment options. For many years Athens has been improving its record as a gay-friendly metropolis and Greece has embraced many LGBT rights in its legislation. For those looking for bars, clubs, etc, LGBT life is the Greek capital mostly centred around the Gazi district.

Gaytway Guide to Athens

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    • The Acropolis
    • There is nothing quite like Athens’ Greek Acropolis – and of course its jewel, the Parthenon. Despite being often swamped with tourists (do avoid the blistering summertime midday hours) there is a certain incontestable magic in these old marbles. Not to to mention the incredible bird’s eye view over the city. Best time to go is early in the morning or later in the day.

    • Acropolis Museum
    • What is not on display in the open is here in this museum, which in itself is pretty stunning, designed by US-based architect Bernard Tschumi with Greek architect Michael Photiadis. The €130m building includes items formerly held in other museums or in storage, as well as pieces returned from foreign museums.

    • National Archeological Museum
    • Even those who don’t generally ‘do museums’ should not miss this one. The National Archeological Museum is considered one of the greatest in the world and contains the richest collection of artefacts from Greek antiquity worldwide.

    • Visit the Plaka
    • The Plaka district is located immediately to the north-east of the Acropolis and it’s a labyrinthine neighbourhood of narrow lanes, with beautiful pastel coloured buildings. It can be quite touristy too, but it really comes alive at night with plenty of cafes and restaurants. Every now and then you can see the imposing figure of the Parthenon up on the hill.

    • Syntagma Square
    • This huge square and its gardens in the centre of Athens is considered to be the very heart of the city. On one side of it sits the Greek Parliament and in the last few years it has been broadcast all over the world as every demonstration seems to be held here. But apart from that, this where the locals like to hang out, walk in the evening and have a coffee or two.

    • Feast!
    • Ancient Athenians loved their food, and the modern ones still do! Greek food is always fresh and tasty, so do not miss the opportunity to try it. From dishes typical of the inland mountains, like moussaka and souvlaki, to the immense variety of fresh fish and seafood, especially squid and octopus – a local speciality. Try also the many local wines, including the resin-flavoured Retsina and the Greek national tipple, Ouzo. And don’t Greek sweets, often based on olive oil and honey combinations, with flaky filo pastry, like the classic baklava.
  • Big Bar

    Big is the first bar in Athens dedicated to the bear community and their friends. Established 2004.

    Enodia Café Bar

    Enodia Cafe-Bar opened in 2014 with two Greek style rooms inside and a lovely garden for unique summer cocktails.

    Koukles Club

    This is the premier stop in Athens for excellent Greek drag & cabaret shows. Kitsch and fabulous.


    The ultimate after hours! Moe is the place to keep partying when everything else closes. Greek and foreign mainstream music.


    With cosy interior and of course tables outside, right on the square of St. Eirini, Rooster is open from 9:00 in the morning till late at night and…


    Cafe & music bar in the Gazi district with DJ playing pop tunes. Great cocktails.
  • Attraxx

    Located in Gazi, this cruise club & cinema offers over 220 square mts of private cabins where you can select from over 3000 movies. 


    S-Cape is the largest and often busiest gay club in Athens and open every night. Drag shows on Wednesday.

    Sodade 2

    The legendary club that has shaken the foundations of the greek clubland for the past 17 years. With two stages (mainstream - dance) it offers the…

    The Apartment Club

    The Apartment Club is a new addition to the gay house music scene. Often very busy, with great DJs and cute go-go dancers.
  • ES Collection

    ES Collection and ADDICTED official boutique store in Athens, close to Monastiraki metro. With a huge range of swimwear and underwear, sports wear, street wear and various accessories.
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