Tel Aviv

Old town and port of Jaffa

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  • Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is modern, vibrant, trendy and cosmopolitan - and very gay-friendly. Its position on a beautiful stretch of golden coastline means that a lot of its scene and life revolves around outdoor pursuits, like eating and drinking al fresco. But it's not just bars and restaurants: the historical area of Jaffa with its port and old quarter has an intriguing Arab feel. Tel Aviv will fascinate its visitors for its laid-back attitude, the international feel, the endless choice of art galleries, lively cafes and amazing food to enjoy. And when the sun goes down on the Mediterranean, the nightclubs and the hectic party scene kicks in. Just to start all over again the next day.

Tel Aviv in itself is a very open city and Israel is a beacon of tolerance in the Middle East when it comes to LGBT rights. It's not all roses, of course - as there is still a lot of opposition from certain religious quarters, but in a city like Tel Aviv pretty much everyone is very gay-friendly, though there isn't a proper gay village. Tel Aviv Pride, held in June, is an iconic celebration, attracting over 200,000 people each year.

Gaytway Guide to Tel Aviv

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    • Old Jaffa
    • Crumbling Old Jaffa, with its Port, the markets, restaurants and the unique atmosphere, is a beautiful spot in Tel Aviv. The Old Port, is one of the most ancient, yet still active, ports in the world. Around Jaffa you can find galleries, museums and great food outlets. There is also a typical flea market.

    • The Beaches
    • Sitting alongside the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is blessed by some great sandy beaches. There are plenty to choose from, including a ‘religious one’ (i.e. separating men from women), but the beach close to the Hilton Hotel is considered the gay spot number one. Expect hot men all around. It is also a great spot for surfing, if you’re into it.

    • The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
    • This is one of the biggest museums in Israel and dates back to 1932. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art holds a wide selection of works and offers an interesting representation of Israeli art and culture. It also has some paintings of artists such as Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, and Picasso.

    • Architectural Bauhaus
    • Tel Aviv can count over 4,000 buildings in Bauhaus style, spread all over the city and for this reason the city is a World Heritage site. Built in the 1930s by German architects, these buildings earned Tel Aviv its nickname of ‘The White City’.

    • Gay Central
    • Tel Aviv is the undisputed San Francisco of the Middle East. Its Pride celebrations attract an increasingly international crowd and the many beaches, the sultry climate and hectic nightlife ensure the city is more and more on the LGBT map.
  • Apolo

    Apollo Sexy Bar is a gay bar and club that opened in November 2011. This is the only gay bar in Tel Aviv that is for men only.
  • Duplex Club

    The Duplex Club is a new club, where most of the BEEF Events take place.

    Haoman 17

    Haoman 17 is Tel Aviv's leading club, south of Florentine - about 15 minutes from the centre. It is home to a few gay parties. Opened in 1995, it has been rated one of the top night clubs in the world.

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