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The ‘heel’ of the Italian peninsula has for many years been the crossroad of innumerable cultures and is a natural ‘springboard’ between Italy and the Balkans. Here you will find thousands of years of fascinating history, but also some of the most spectacular (and often secluded) beaches in the Med. For those into urban explorations, the cities of Bari with its ancient heart and Lecce, rightly considered the capital of the Baroque style, will offer plenty of inspiration. The countryside is just as interesting, with endless fields of olive groves and tiny villages, often punctuated by Trulli, ancient stone houses with conical roofs that go back hundreds of years. The tip of the peninsula - the Salento, is very popular with LGBT people – there are many naturist beaches enjoying sparkling clean sea waters and the area has a growing reputation for being a gay-friendly destination, even organizing its own Pride event in August.

Gaytway Guide to Puglia

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  • 8+ Hotel

    A four-star modern and trendy hotel in the Salento's capital, Lecce. Great facilities.

    Gallipoli Sottosopra

    A gay friendly B&B in the town of Gallipoli, close to all the attraction and its gay beaches. Great warm decor throughout.

    Hotel Risberg

    A gay-friendly hotel located near Gallipoli, along the beautiful Baia Verde, known for its golden sand and sparkling sea water.

    Palazzo De Castro

    An opportunity to enjoy a stay in an historical palace, that once was the residence of the Viceroy of Spain. A grand palace, beautifully restored to…

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    • Amazing Beaches
    • The region of Puglia has some of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean and whilst some of them are more popular, there are some others that are still pretty much undiscovered, especially in the southernmost tip of the region, the Salento. There are also plenty of beaches and coves that are very LGBT-friendly, such as Punta Pizzo e Punta della Suina.

    • Medieval Heritage
    • The region has a rich heritage, in particular the city of Bari, the capital, with its ancient streets and the historical Basilica of St Nicholas. Do not miss the beautiful Castel del Monte, a lone castle & hunting lodge with a geometric pattern situated on a hill, which dates back to the 13th century.

    • Baroque Splendour
    • The capital of Salento, the southern tip of Puglia is the gorgeous and superbly elegant city of Lecce, which is often referred to as the capital of Baroque. The city is literally a huge showcase for the architectural style that flourished in the 17th century. Here the style is elevated to a sublime art.

    • Trulli & Caves
    • Centuries ago in a particular part of this region, close to the town of Alberobello, people started building a particular type of stone houses called Trulli, typical for their whitewashed walls and conical stone roofs. You can still see plenty of these unique homes, that remind a bit of the Hobbiton dwellings. Puglia is a dry land – water flows underground but doing so it creates some stunning natural caves. In Castellana you will find one of the most impressive cave networks in Europe with amazing stalactites and concretions that took millennia to form.

    • Oil and Wine
    • For many centuries Puglia was a very poor part of Italy, but it’s blessed with a climate that allows perfect conditions for the cultivation of olives and vines. So it’s not surprising that the region is famous for its oil and its red wines. Food here is typically Mediterranean, with lots and lots of fresh vegetables as well as fish & seafood, straight out of the sea.

    • Gallipoli
    • The fortified city of Gallipoli, perched on the gulf of Taranto, has over the last decade upped its credentials as a gay-friendly destination. There is also a Pride event, held each year in August. Do not expect many bars or clubs; things here are more subdued – but the locals are very welcoming and there are some pretty gorgeous gay (and nudist) beaches nearby to choose from.
  • LED Café

    LED Café in Gallipoli is a very popular stop for evening drinks. Operating since 2012. Great cocktail selection.

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