St. Johns Co-Cathedral's ornate baroque interior

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  • Malta


Set in the middle of the deep blue sparkling sea, Malta has for millennia the crossroad of many cultures, from all corners of the Mediterranean. From pre-historic presences, to impressive medieval fortresses, ancient turreted towns to ornate churches, you really have the feel that Malta is an enormous kaleidoscope. In fact everything in this small island nation is a fusion including its food – blending Italian, North African and middle-eastern flavours. The Maltese are famous for their hospitality and friendliness as they are proud of their beautiful island.

Malta has seen some impressive progress in terms of equality over the last decade and has recently topped a list of Europe’s LGBT-friendly countries, in particular by enshrining equality rights in its constitution (one of only four countries in the world to do so). While same-sex marriage is not on the books yet, fully equivalent civil unions are since 2014 and the majority of the population supports full marriage equality.

Gaytway Guide to Malta

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    • Historical Valletta
    • The Fortress City of Valletta is Malta's capital city. Started in 1566, Valletta was completed, with its impressive bastions, forts and cathedral, in the astonishingly short time of 15 years! Valletta is abundantly rich in things to see and explore, with intriguing historical buildings around every corner: votive statues, niches, fountains and coats of arms high up on parapets. Narrow side streets are full of tiny quaint shops and cafés.

    • The spectacular M’dina
    • M’dina is called ‘The Silent Town’. Sitting on top of a hill, the weight of history is evident: in fact, more than 4000 years of it! Mdina is fascinating to visit for its timeless atmosphere as well as its cultural and religious treasures. You can walk around the narrow lanes and be transported back in time. Every now and then some spectacular belvederes allow some great panoramic views towards the whole of the island.

    • Sparkling Seas
    • Malta has beaches for everyone, from windsurfers to sunbathers. And a crystal clear sea that divers will love for the variety of its landscapes. Do not miss a boat trip to Comino's Blue Lagoon for the ultimate in azure waters. Malta's most popular beaches are Mellieħa Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay. For smaller, quieter beaches, you may want to try those at the tip of Malta, overlooking Gozo - Paradise Bay and Armier. In Gozo, the most beautiful beach is Ramla l-Ħamra, a large beach of unusual red sand.

    • Eat Med Fusion Cuisine
    • Because of its location at a crossroad in the centre of the Mediterranean, Maltese food is influenced by many cultures, from southern Italy to North Africa, to the Near East. In addition to that, the rich southern Mediterranean offers an immense bounty of fresh food and seafood year round.
  • Morpheus Bar

    A new gay venue in Sa Maison. Right next to Sa Maison Gozo ferry waterfront. Great place to meet new friends and quite popular with bears and their friends.

    New Beginnings Bar

    A mostly lesbian bar, though their friends are very welcome. Great terrace and good selection for drinks. Karaoke & Disco available nightly.
  • AXM Club Malta

    AXM Malta, the only gay dance club in Malta, is a stunning venue in the centre of the very busy Paceville, St Julian's area. Part of the AXM group (Manchester, Glasgow & Prague).

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