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Perched on the two steep sides of the River Douro, Portugal’s second city is a beautiful collection of old baroque churches, precipitating roofs, hanging gardens and beautiful buildings. All can be majestically enjoyed by some spectacular miradouros (lookouts). Porto has a reputation for being an art lovers’ paradise, expressed by the endless availability of street art, as well as by the intriguing Museu de Arte Contemporânea and Rem Koolhaas’ architecture of the Casa da Música. Of course Porto is also a city which boasts some amazing food – and wines too! Visitors can’t leave without having tried some the Douro Valley’s iconic Port wines!

After decades of repression during the Salazar dictatorship, today Portugal is a very gay-friendly country and has one of the most advanced legislations in protecting LGBT rights, which are even fully encompassed in the country’s constitution. Same sex marriage is legal since 2010.

Gaytway Guide to Porto

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    • Gold & Marble
    • The São Francisco Church from outside looks like an ordinary 14th century Gothic and Baroque construction, but inside it is one of the most fabulously opulent building in the whole of Europe. The extensive 17th and 18th baroque decoration is a triumph of gilt wood carvings in the vault pillars and columns: cherubs, plants, and animals are literally covered with gold - it is said that there are 400kg of pure gold in here!

    • Palácio de La Bolsa
    • This 19th century building is truly grand, starting with its Neoclassical façade. It was the former stock exchange and it main purpose seems to be that of impressing investors and gauge credibility. In fact, the inside resembles more of a Royal Palace than a functional building: the ornate Arab Room has been inspired by the Moorish Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

    • Breath-taking Bridges
    • Porto is set on the two steep banks of the Douro. Several bridge cross the gorge, the most spectacular is certainly the Dom Luis iron bridge, which opened in 1886, when it held the record for the longest iron arch in the world. There are four other bridges in the city, and you can see them best from the river, i.e. on a river cruise. The Dona Maria Pia Bridge is also an iron railway bridge, completed in 1876 and designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel before he went on to built the famous Paris landmark.

    • Cais da Ribeira
    • The district of Ribeira is home to medieval streets and crumbling alleyways. It surrounds a riverfront square called Praça da Ribeira. Here you’ll find traditional boats, colourful ancient houses and enjoy a picturesque atmosphere. The neighbourhood is very popular at nights as there are plenty of cafes, restaurants & bars to choose from.

    • Cais de Gaia
    • You must come here to glimpse at of the most beautiful viewpoints towards the city, across its skyline and the double-decker Dom Luis Bridge. There are some lovely cafés and restaurant to spend time taking in the view and close by you will come across many terracotta-topped Port wine warehouses, where the delicious drink is aged. You can visit many of the warehouses as well.
  • Café Lusitano

    A gay-friendly cafe with a warm and classic feel, with a retro tinge. Gets very busy after midnight.

    Pride Bar

    A popular and friendly LGBT bar in Porto, with some good drag shows as well as strippers (m/f) at weekends.

    Pride Coffee

    Open in the afternoons and into the night serving burgers, fast food and hot dogs with entertainment. 


    A bar that's been in operation for a very long time and located a bit out of the city centre, this is the place to visit for some classic drag shows.
  • Zoom

    Zoom is a very popular gay clubbing spot at the weekend and is located in a former warehouse. You'll find an energetic crowd dancing to pop and house music.

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