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The gateway to the Basque Country, with its own identity and language, Bilbao is an industrial port that has found a new and exciting renaissance as a culturally and artistically rich city. Though dominated by the amazing titanium-clad structure of the Guggenheim Museum, there is a lot more to see here, beyond the treasure trove of art you will see exhibited in this world-class gallery and in the other fine museums you will find here. But just like its industrial heritage, Bilbao is a rough gem, a city that is founded on hard work and friendly down-to-earth locals.


Gaytway Guide to Bilbao

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    • The Guggenheim Museum
    • Described as the best building of the second half of the 20th century, the Guggenheim Museum with its reflecting titanium cladding has completely transformed Bilbao, putting the city on the world map and changing its image. Opened in 1997, it was designed by American architect Frank Gehry. A must-see.

    • The Old Quarter
    • The Casco Viejo of Bilbao is where the city originally developed when it was founded. In those days and before the city turned into an industrial centre, people lived on fishing & farming. Today this historical part of town is pedestrians-only and boasts lost of nice shops, bars & restaurants.

    • A Design City
    • Apart from Gehry’s Guggenheim, Bilbao is a treasure trove of modern architecture. The distinctive metro entrances are a creation of Norman Foster, there are bridges by Santiago Calatrava and José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez, a fish-scale arena by Javier Pérez and Nicolás Espinosa and many other amazing buildings worth exploring.

    • Atlantic Beaches
    • The beaches closest to Bilbao and its urban area are very popular with local residents and holidaymakers alike in the summer season. Surfing here is superb. Las Arenas, Ereaga, Arrigunaga and Gorrondatze-Aizkorri (Getxo), Barinatxe-La Salvaje and Arrietara-Atxabiribil (Sopela), and Plentzia and Gorliz beaches, along with the one at La Arena (Muskiz).

    • Basque Culture & Food
    • Basque is the ancestral language of the Basques, whose origin is unknown and is thought to be the oldest language of Europe. People from Bilbao cherish two passions: food and friendship: they meet in front of a few drinks and pinxtos, small bites to eat, which are absolutely delicious and a symbol of this city. All washed out with the local white wine – Txakoli.
  • Badulake

    A fun and late-night bar with a great crowd and good tunes. Come on Thursdays for the famous Las Fellini cabaret show.
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    Bizitza is a very popular and long established bar in the centre of Bilbao

    Dioni's Bar

    A gay-friendly cafe, with walls covered in autographs of famous celebrities that have visited, such as Roman Polanski, Claudia Cardinale, Mel Gibson,…

    El Balcón de la Lola

    A great place to listen to some good music till late at weekends.


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    Lamiak opened in 1979 as something more than a bar - a meeting place and space for cultural expression. It preserves its tradition of organising…


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    A trendy bar in Bilbao, with a good music choice.

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