Baths in the Real Alcázar of Seville

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Sevilla is Spain at its truest and brightest colours. It’s a burst of passion, flamboyance, music, flamenco dance and great food with a bold flavour. The history of this city is that of Spain; here you will find the essence of what this country is. Immerse yourself in the rich Roman and Moorish heritage, the city’s colonial glory, its tapestry of ornate buildings. Sevilla is bathed in semi-perpetual sunshine and during the hot months los Sevillanos retire within the thick walls of their enclosed gardens until the scorching sun is well and truly disappeared.


Gaytway Guide to Seville

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    • A huge Cathedral
    • Seville’s Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. It is built on the original mosque that stood here during the Muslim rule. In fact some parts of the old mosque were retained; The Giralda, the cathedral’s belltower is the former minaret of the old mosque.

    • The Alcázar
    • This was the old Royal Palace of the Moorish Kings and it’s just stunning. Centuries later it still performs its function, being still used today by the royal family of Spain as their official Seville residence, the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe.

    • Modern meets old
    • The Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville. Designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer it’s the largest wooden structure in the world. Absolutely mesmerizing. There is an archaeological museum underground and a spectacular restaurant on top of the structure, allowing great views.

    • Flamenco
    • There is nothing more Andalucian than Flamenco. And here in Seville the whole thing is often brought to an art form. You will find plenty of Flamenco shows in the city, some more, some less touristy – but it’s really worth spending some time listening and seeing this quintessential Spanish tradition.

    • Seville Fair
    • – If Munich has its Oktoberfest, Seville has its April Fair. It generally begins two weeks after the Easter Holy Week and for the duration of the fair, the fairgrounds and a vast area on the banks of the Guadalquivir River are totally covered in rows of casetas, marquees where there are crowds partying and dancing sevillanas, drinking Sherry, manzanilla or rebujito, and eating tapas, often in traditional dresses throughout the night.
  • 1987 Bar

    A new friendly bar, very quirky and (of course) deliciously retro. Music all dedicated to the 1980s with resident DJ Curro Jackson..


    Since 2014 this is the Sevilla epicentre for all the bears and their friends and admirers.

    El Bosque Animado

    A very popular bar with a lovely terrace for the summer months.

    Men to Men

    A busy bar (especially after midnight) on two floors - very popular with bears & more mature guys. Cruising space upstairs.
  • Itaca

    For over 20 years Itaca Disco is an ancient Rome themed club with two rooms, a larger one playing commercial tunes and the other for more retro sounds.
  • Zona Krampack

    The first and only gay erotica shop in Sevilla. You can find all sorts of books, DVDs, toys, etc.

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