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  • Stockholm


The capital of Sweden is set in a gorgeous landscape of waterways and beautiful greenery. Its old town, Gamla Stan is a tight network of cobbled lanes, pastel-coloured houses and cosy cafes to enjoy in the cold winter months. During the summer, when the nights are short, the city moves outdoors, to its many parks and waterside bars. A visit to Stockholm must include a trip to the Vasa Museum, where an enormous 17th century galleon is exhibited. Sank on her maiden voyage, this is the best preserved of her type in the world. Music lovers will certainly not be surprised that Sweden has honoured its most successful export here; the ABBA Museum is a treasure trove of memorabilia, costumes, props and all things ABBA, as well as a great way to understand the success of this evergreen group.

Stockholm’s gay scene is quite dispersed – but as the city is one of the most tolerant and accepting in the world, LGBT people are welcome everywhere. 


Gaytway Guide to Stockholm

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  • Freys Hotel

    Freys Hotel has 127 individually decorated rooms and a fantastic location in the heart of Stockholm near the Central Station.

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    • The Old Town / Gamla Stan
    • Stockholm’s old town is one of the best preserved medieval centres. The island is almost entirely pedestrian-friendly and it’s packed with sights, attractions, restaurants, cafés, bars and places to shop. It’s great to get lost in the narrow winding cobblestone streets, with their buildings in so many different shades of gold, gibing this area its unique character. Even now cellar vaults and frescoes from the Middle Ages can be found behind the visible facades, and on snowy winter days the district feels like something from a story book.

    • The Vasa Museum
    • The enormous 64-gun warship Vasa sank in Stockholm’s harbour on its maiden voyage is 1628. Fully preserved in the mudflats, it was carefully restored and a whole museum & exhibition was built around it. The sight is absolutely amazing – this is the only almost fully intact 17th century galleon, so no wonder this is the most popular museum in Sweden.

    • The ABBA Museum
    • ABBA are an integral part of Swedish culture and an international household name. The city has built an entire museum around this iconic pop group. Here you will learn about how ABBA came to be, why their songs were so successful and see plenty of original costumes and props, together with a few fun interactive exhibit. You can also check into Sweden’s music Hall of Fame.

    • The Royal Palace
    • The official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden, have over 600 rooms. The Palace is open to the public and offers no less than five museums. Built during the eighteenth century in the Italian Baroque style, the Palace’s location is where “Tre Kronor” castle used to be before it burned down in 1697. Visit the reception rooms with splendid interiors from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

    • Djurgården Island & Park
    • The green island of Djurgården, close to central Stockholm, is beloved by both Stockholmers and tourists. Djurgården is a calm oasis which has been royal land since the 15th century. There are fine areas to stroll, for example around the Djurgårdsbrunn canal and Blockhusudden. In winter this is where people come ice skating.
  • Bitter Pills

    A great place to pop in for a few drinks and some food, as the menue is lovely & inviting.


    Chokladkoppen is a cozy gay café with lovely food and cold and hot drinks in a unique building in the heart of Gamla Stan.


    Mälarpaviljongen is a unique venue with an international atmosphere during the summer in Stockholm with open from early April to late September.


    Onboard the M / S Patricia, firmly anchored at Södermälarstrand, there is something for everyone; bars, nightclub, dance floor with with the sweetest…

    Side Track

    Stockholms oldest gay bar. Very friendly staff and atmosphere.

    The Secret Garden

    A new bar & restaurant which is a great stop especially in the summer because of its gorgeous sun terrace.


    One of Stockholm's oldest Gay Bar & Restaurant Torget opened in November 2000 - drinks & good old fashioned homemade food & cocktails.
  • Candy @ Bon Palais

    Candy is the biggest gay club in Stockholm. Mixed crowd of all ages. 3 dance floors, 4 bars. House, hits, pop, schlager, dance, RnB.

    King Kong

    A new club (opened Nov 2014) which is now quite popular with a young & trendy crowd. Pop and dance music on two dance floors.


    A very popular and very mixed gay dance party. Very good shows.

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