Fraumunster Church at Night

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Zurich is regularly recognised as one of the world's best cities for quality of living, something which is not so surprising considering its very scenic setting, at the confluence of the Limmat river and the Zurichsee. The city may be associated with world-class finance and banking, but it is also a very edgy and cosmopolitan destination, with many old factories and warehouses now converted in cultural centres and funky living spaces. The old town has been very well preserved and therefore is very picturesque, with its winding lanes and church steeples. There isn't a gay village per se, but most of the LGBT bars & venues are located in the gorgeous old town.

Switzerland is a very accepting and tolerant country, especially in urban areas and although same-sex marriage is not legal yet, registered partnerships are since 2007. Larger cities like Zurich are home to a vibrant LGBT community and feature quite a varied and sizeable gay scene.


Gaytway Guide to Zurich

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    • The Fraumünster & Grossmünster
    • The Fraumünster and Grossmünster churches are major landmarks of Zurich. The former was founded in 853 and its convent was inhabited by the female members of the aristocracy of Europe. However its most stunning treasures are the stained glass windows by Augusto Giacometti and Marc Chagall. The Grossmünster church was built on the graves of the city's patron saints, Felix and Regula, as discovered by Charlemagne himself.

    • Explore the Old Town
    • Zurich’s picturesque Old Town tells the city’s 3,500-year-old history on the Lindenhof, at Schipfe and in the Niederdörfli quarter. Along the way you’ll see many fountains: Zurich has almost 1,200 of them – they all dispensing great tasting drinking water.

    • See the city from above
    • The historical Polybahn funicular, built in 1889 (when it was water-operated) takes you effortlessly from Central up to the Polyterrasse in 100 seconds. From here, you can enjoy superb views of the city.

    • Chocolate Heaven
    • Light and airy Luxemburgerli macaroons from Sprüngli or exquisite Swiss chocolate from Lindt, Läderach or Vollenweider: how can anyone resist these delicious sweet treats? This is Switzerland after all – you can’t avoid chocolate!

    • Cruise on Lake Zurich
    • The bent, almost banana-shaped Lake Zurich is framed on the southern side by the Albis and Zimmerberg hills and on the north by the Pfannenstiel chain of hills. The lake is a popular place for excursions, and homes along its shores are much sought after. The best way to discover the Lake Zurich area is by taking a boat trip. Most of the places around the shore are served by a regular boat service all year round.
  • Cranberry

    Cranberry bar is known for its excellent cocktails and friendly staff. It is Zurich’s premier gay bar and nightspot.

    Daniel H

    A very nice and friendly cafe/bar/restaurant with an attractive courtyard garden and a reto feel.

    Dynasty Bar

    A very relaxed and friendly gay bar with a small dancefloor downstairs playing retro music and Schlager.

    Les Garçons

    A large bar with DJ at the weekenda nd frequented by a younger crowd.

    Odeon Cafe Bar

    The birthplace of Dadaism, ODEON is a cafe, bar and restaurant at the same time. This is a truly historical cafe, since 1911.

    Petra's Tip Top Bar

    Petra's is one of the few drag bars in Zurich. Hostess Petra entertains her guests with Schlager tunes.

    PlatZHirsch Bar

    A gay friendly popular café bar that belongs to PlatZHirsch Hotel - great for breakfast.

    Predigerhof Bistro Bar

    Predigerhof is a cosy gay bar in the heart of Zurich with cool sound and a wide range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Zurich's traditionally…
  • Heaven Zurich

    Gay bar & nightclub with techno sounds on Fridays and more commercial music on Saturdays.


    Queer, gay, lesbian, bi, hetero. Heldenbar is now the longest running regular gay event in Zurich. Non-profit and independent. Electro music.

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