Maritime history surfaced, at the Titanic Museum

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Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is a renewed city. For many decades it was branded as a place to avoid for your own safety, but since the Good Friday peace agreement, the city has blossomed into an interesting and trendy destination, with many lively bars and intriguing music venues. Belfast is famous for its old shipyards and it is right here that the ill-fated Titanic was built; the star-shaped Titanic Centre has recently become the city's main attraction. Belfast's gay quarter is just north of the City Centre, in the Cathedral Quarter.

Northern Ireland is part of UK, but it has a separate legislation on certain legal matters. For this reason it does not allow same-sex weddings, unlike the rest of the UK and the neighbouring Republic of Ireland, with the issue still a matter of contention in the local parliament. However apart from this, gay people enjoy largely the same level of legal protection as the rest of the UK. This is a huge progress considering that Northern Ireland had in the past a troublesome relationship with its LGBT population.


Gaytway Guide to Belfast

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    • A Titanic City
    • Belfast was the birthplace of RMS Titanic and the renovated dockyards focus on this important legacy. The Titanic Belfast Museum is clad in aluminium panels and reminisce of a ship hull. The shipbuilder Harlad & Wolff’s Drawing Offices is another highlight of this district, as well as the Titanic Siloways, which now host open-air events.

    • The Albert Memorial Clock
    • The Albert Memorial Clock (more commonly referred to as the Albert Clock) is one of Belfast’s most famous landmarks and is situated in Queen's. It was completed in 1869 and back in the old days because of its proximity to the docks, the tower was once infamous for being frequented by prostitutes plying their trade with visiting sailors.

    • Stormont
    • The often tormented history of Northern Ireland passes pretty much by this imposing building. From its completion in 1932 until the introduction of direct rule in 1972, Stormont was the seat of the parliament of Northern Ireland. The devolved Parliament returned in 2007 when Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness – bitter enemies for decades – laughed and smiled as they were sworn in as first minister and deputy first minister, respectively. You can walk freely in the extensive gardens.

    • Crumlin Road Gaol
    • Another emblematic building in Belfast, this gruesome jail remained in operation until 1996 and is one of the spookiest places in Britain. You can join one of the guided tours and witness bone-chilling places, such as the execution chamber, which saw 17 of them, the last in 1961. Many famous people passed through its doors, including Reverend Ian Paisley, and suffragette Dorothy Evans.
  • Maverick Bar Belfast

    Right in the centre of Belfast's gay quarter, Maverick is a popular gay lounge & bar. 

    The Union Street Bar

    Union Street Bar & Restaurant opened its doors first as a bar in December 2003 with the restaurant following in January 2004. It was originally a Victorian shoe factory, and still retains its original wrought iron pillars and date plaques
  • BoomBox

    Boombox is the main dance club in Belfast, with many theme nights. At the weekends it usually attract the largest audiences with guests DJs as well.


    Kremlin is now well into its sixteenth year and has firmly established itself as the core of the gay scene in the North, and one of the best known venues in the whole of Ireland

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