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You might soon get married in San Marino (but only if you're a tourist)

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Same-sex couples might be able to get married in the tiny state of San Marino, but only if they are foreigners, in order to incentivise tourism.

The bizarre decision was taken by the Grand Council of San Marino which means that now the government of the small independent republic, which is entirely surrounded by Italy, will have to prepare a bill to made the proposal into law. For the local citizens, however, the 'privilege' of marrying a same-sex partner will be denied. 

It obviously hasn't occurred to the local legisaltors that LGBT people are unlikely to get married in a country that so blatantly denies the same right to his local people (and is so obviously and shamelessly chasing our money).

There is a glimmer of hope, though. A few days ago Valentina Rossi, a local MP, has introduced a bill for the introduction of civil partnerships in San Marino, supported by 280 signatures. We wish her luck.