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Could London's Black Cap re-open as an LGBT venue?

black cap londonThe iconic London LGBT venue 'The Black Cap' in Camden, may reopen soon.

The bar is empty(apart from being beriefly occupied by squatters) since 2015 when the owners Faucet Inns closed it and successively try to redevelop the venue as a mainstream bar/restaurant withluxury flats upstairs. Those plans fell through, no doubt also because of the strong opposition by the local LGBT community and the group 'We Are Black Cap', who have held a vigil in front of the premises every Saturday ever since its closure. 

However, according to the Camden New Journal, an unnamed theatre company is considering a tenancy deal which would see the Black Cap reopen as an LGBT venue, retaining its famous ground-floor cabaret bar while providing a rehearsal studio space during the day. At the time of writing the venue's owners Faucet Inns are clarifying with the local council if the venue can indeed be used for such a purpose.

The Black Cap is one of the most historical venues in the United Kingdom and its stage has seen drag and cabaret icons like Lily Savage and the late Regina Fong regularly performing