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Cher hints at her participation to Sydney Mardi Gras

If you were considering attending the next Sydney Mardi Gras main party, you may have left it too late. A tweet from musical gay icon Cher on 30 December about her likely appearance at the landmark dance event to be held on 4 March 2018 caused an instant surge in ticket sales - so much that within a few hours the party was showing the 'sold out' sign. The last release of tickets for the event had a price of AU$250.

In her tweet Cher wrote “OK..... YOU BOYS KNOW WHERE I’LL BE IN MARCH! #PutSomeShrimpOnTheBarbie” and that appeared to confirm the rumours that had been circulating already for some time about her participation to the event, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. In fact the buzz for this iconic March event had already been at an all time high and ticket sales had been running much higher than in the past. At the moment of the tweet there were just 600 tickets left and they quickly vanished as the rumours around the appearance of the 71 year old singer appeared to be confirmed.

Mardi Gras officials confirmed that there were no tickets left for the Mardi Gras Party – despite there had been no official announcement of the headliner. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper previously reported that Cher is “almost locked in” to the event. However, Brandon Bear, the co-chair of Sydney Mardi Gras, declined to confirm Cher’s inclusion to the newspaper, simply saying “no announcement has been made”. 



Berlin pays homage to gay sex in public toilets

Berlin is a city that is well known for its tolerance and open-mindedness. So it should not be at all a surprise that the local LGBT museum (Schwules Museum) has inaugurated a new exhibition sponsored by Berlin's public transport service, celebrating gay sex in public restrooms.

Fenster zum Klo: Public Toilets, Private Affairs, features explicit photographs by Marc Martin. In an introduction to the show, the French photographer reveals that some of his earliest sexual experiences were in these thrilling urban spaces.

“These places, where men were constantly coming and going, were instrumental in my sexuality, aroused my desires and quenched my curiosity,” Martin writes. “In there, I also had the most unlikely, unexpected encounters.”

“Differences were blurred and otherwise separated cultures briefly mixed,” Martin continues. “Despite being disparaged as sleazy and dirty, they allowed for immediate, anonymous sexual contacts. They were a godsend to those who could not entertain at home and expose their sexual proclivities to the outside world.”

The exhibit has been officially sponsored by Berlin’s public transport service, Berliner Verkehrs-Gesellschaft. BVG even granted Martin access to public toilets in its subway stations that have been closed for decades.

“From poetry to pornography, his work bears witness to the generation of today, of a type of sexual interaction that has virtually disappeared now,” reads a description of Martin’s exhibit. “Glorious or shameful, our good old cottage toilet no longer needs to blush about its past.”

"Fenster zum Klo – Public Toilets, Private Affairs" runs until 5th February 2018, at the Berlin Schwules Museum - Lützowstraße 73.

Bear Week Starts in Sitges

Bear week started in Sitges this Friday and will continue until 11 September. Known as one of the biggest gathering of its kind in Europe and possibly the world, with over 6,000 bears and admirers. The epicenter of the celebrations is as usual the Calle Joan Tarrida, where popular XXL, El Horno and Bears Bar are located. During the day time the clothing-optional beach of Es Balmins will be the centre of the action. This year a ‘Bear-Village’ on the seafront will also feature a stage with many of different theme nights, acts and shows. There are many parties every night, which are listed on the website of Bear Week Sitges, including ‘White Bear’ on Tuesday 5 September but one of the highlights will be the election of Mr Bear Sitges on Saturday 9 September.

Eurovision 2017 Kyiv Finalists Announced

eurovision2017Tonight, Saturday 13th May will see the much awaited final of the Eurovision Song ContetThe Ukrainian capital Kiev has been able to put on a real visual spectacle for the two semi-finals so the conclusion of the event is bound to be a great spectacle.

This year’s event was in the news well before its start first because of the delays in the preparations and the official tickets release and then more recently when Russia decided to withdraw from the contest, following the ban on their chosen performer, Julia Samoylova, accused of having entered in occupied Crimea via Russia (and having performed there) - which is illegal according to Ukraine’s law.

Without Russia, the remaining 36 countries not getting automatic admission to the final (the ‘big 5’ plus the host country are pre-qualified) competed in two semifinals last Tuesday and Thursday and the final lot of 26 finalists is now getting ready for tonight’s soiree.

The controversial entry for Montenegro Slavko Kalezic, with its explicit lyrics did not make it to the final, possibly because of a lacklustre performance on the night. However the very handsome Imri gained a place in the final for Israel. The extremely cute and huggable Nathan Trent also secured a place in the final for Austria. Compared to last year’s exceptional performer Dami Im, Australia’s choice for this year wasn’t so remarkable, however they managed to secure a place in the final. Overall, this year’s entries have been noticeable for the large number of ballads and a lot fewer upbeat and dance tunes. However an exception was the very danceable “This is Love” by Greece’s Demi and “Hey Mamma” from Moldova’s Sunstroke Project.

A controversy has been raised about Croatia’s entry, Jaques Houdek, who is on record for having said, in a 2005 interview that ‘the gay and lesbian population cannot be equal with other citizens because it means a return to Sodom and Gomorrah’. The singer has since denied being homophobic and denied that he actually made such statements. He even added that he has ‘gay friends’ - a pretty lame excuse, which we’ve all heard before to polish away any whiff of homophobic statement

The 20 qualifiers will tonight perform with remaining 6 pre-qualified countries. The big 5 have this years pulled all the stops and feature some really good numbers. France is competing with the delightful Alma and a fantastic song Requiem, which will transport viewers in a sparkling Paris. Germany’s Levina is also a strong contestant with her song “Perfect Life”. The UK’s entry, Lucy Jones with her song "Never Give Up on You” is probably one of the best entries for the country in years. And then there’s Italy’s Francesco Gabbani with his ‘Occidentali’s Karma”, which is still the bookies favourite to win the contest, at 1.75, though it appears France is gaining momentum.

In the end, it may well be that the competition will be decided by the quality of the performance on the night. We can’t wait.

Running Order

01 Israel IMRI I Feel Alive
02 Poland Kasia Moś Flashlight
03 Belarus Naviband Story of My life
04 Austria Nathan Trent Running on Air
05 Armenia Artsvik Fly With Me
06 The Netherlands OG3NE Lights and Shadows
07  Moldova Sunstroke Project Hey Mamma
08 Hungary Pápai Joci Origo
09 Italy Francesco Gabbani Occidentali's Karma
10 Denmark Anja Where I Am
11 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois
12 Azerbaijan Dihaj Skeletons
13 Croatia Jacques Houdek My Friend
14 Australia Isaiah Don't Come Easy
15 Greece Demy This Is Love
16 Spain Manel Navarro Do It For Your Lover
17 Norway JOWST Grab The Moment
18 UK Lucy Jones Never Give Your Up
19 Cyprus Hovig Gravity
20 Romania Ilinca ft. Alex Florea Yodel It!
21 Germany Levina Perfect Life
22 Ukraine O.Torvald Time
23 Belgium Blanche City Lights
24 Sweden Robin Bengtsson I Can't Go On
25 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess
26 France Alma Requiem


Montenegro's Eurovision contestant ruffles feathers at home

KalezicThe Montenegro contestant for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Slavko Kalezic has ruffled a few feathers in his conservative home country.

On May 9, Kalezic is slated to perform Space, an uptempo pop-dance number, in the first semifinal of the glittery show best known for camp song-and-dance routines, which many countries see as a forum to promote their national identity and culture to the rest of the world.

Kalezic’s thinly veiled song about sex, his meter-long ponytail, shimmering clothing, and the 31-year-old's proclamation after winning the nomination that he is the country's "drag queen" have been applauded by some, abroad in particular, for challenging stereotypes.

But not so much at home, where more than 70 percent of people identify as Orthodox Christians. There, Kalezic’s entry has been met with as many, if not more, criticism than plaudits.

Kalezic is a well-known singer and actor in the tiny coastal nation of 622,000 people and he has regularly performed in the Montenegro National Theatre, as well as in the local X-Factor TV programme.

He makes no apologies for his artistic interpretations, onstage or off, and says he has no time for those who criticise his flamboyant costumes and style as symbols of Western decadence.

"I've been onstage for 10 years, with my style and direction. I'm very pleased that there are many people who like what I do," he told RFE/RL in an interview. "If we need to talk about polarisation, intelligent people really understand what I do as an artist."

Montenegro is under pressure to protect human rights in order to advance toward membership in the European Union. For example, there is no legal recognition of same-sex couples in the country, and the constitution bans same-sex marriage.