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Cher hints at her participation to Sydney Mardi Gras

If you were considering attending the next Sydney Mardi Gras main party, you may have left it too late. A tweet from musical gay icon Cher on 30 December about her likely appearance at the landmark dance event to be held on 4 March 2018 caused an instant surge in ticket sales - so much that within a few hours the party was showing the 'sold out' sign. The last release of tickets for the event had a price of AU$250.

In her tweet Cher wrote “OK..... YOU BOYS KNOW WHERE I’LL BE IN MARCH! #PutSomeShrimpOnTheBarbie” and that appeared to confirm the rumours that had been circulating already for some time about her participation to the event, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. In fact the buzz for this iconic March event had already been at an all time high and ticket sales had been running much higher than in the past. At the moment of the tweet there were just 600 tickets left and they quickly vanished as the rumours around the appearance of the 71 year old singer appeared to be confirmed.

Mardi Gras officials confirmed that there were no tickets left for the Mardi Gras Party – despite there had been no official announcement of the headliner. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper previously reported that Cher is “almost locked in” to the event. However, Brandon Bear, the co-chair of Sydney Mardi Gras, declined to confirm Cher’s inclusion to the newspaper, simply saying “no announcement has been made”.