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Madrid has an extensive metro network (, which comprises 13 lines and 301 stations. The service is efficient and quite cheap, with fares around €1.50-2.00. If you plan to use the metro and other transports a lot then it may be worth to get a special tourist pass, which can be for one, two, three, five and seven days. These can be purchased at metro stations.

There are buses as well and they are run by EMT Madrid. Single journey tickets are available on the bus, but you can buy a pass for ten trips at selected stations and now it is also possible to pay the fare with contactless credit cards, directly on the bus. Taxis in Madrid are quite plentiful and a good option, especially at night. The number displayed on top of the taxi refers to the fare applied: 1 is the daytime fare and 2 is the night time (after 9pm) and weekend fare, which is slightly more expensive.


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