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Getting about


As already mentioned, Rome’s traffic can be pretty challenging, however in the city centre the traffic has been progressively put under control and many areas have been pedestrianised. The fastest way to get about is to use the Metropolitana (or Metro, as it’s called). There are two lines with an interchange at Termini, plus a third under construction and partially opened. Buses and trams are also a good (and more interesting) option to travel, at least within the central area. All are managed by ATAC.

Travelling on public transport is pretty cheap: a single ticket is called BIT is only €1.50 (Dec 15) and it needs to be stamped by the machine upon getting on the bus and is valid for 100 minutes, even if changing on different lines as long as the journey is completed within the set time. On the Metro it is valid for one journey. There are 24/48/72 hours tickets that offer unlimited journeys over a set period and also a weekly ticket (CIS). All of these are valid for the applicable time from the first stamping and are available, just like the BIT tickets, from machines at main Metro stations, plus many shops, newsagents kiosks and cafes (look for the ATAC sign).


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