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We love travelling and exploring this amazing world we live in.


ever since our earliest ancestors, we humans have done it. Whether in search of food and shelter, to trade goods with our nearest neighbours or visitors from far off lands, or to seek wisdom, learning and insight from distant elders, it is as much a part of our life on this planet as the precious air we breathe.

Fast forward to present day and our passion for exploring the four corners of the third rock from the Sun continues unabated. The age of commercial airlines made flying more affordable and more widely available, opening up remote and exotic destinations to compliment the well trodden paths.

Without doubt, you’ve known someone who has been away to explore new and exciting places or to rest under the sun on idyllic shores in the tropics, and thought, one day…

Or, perhaps you are that intrepid explorer going places you’ve never been before - experiencing new cultures, tasting new cuisine and sharing fellowship with the locals and friends alike, and coming home with stories, photos and even videos that capture the imagination of your friends and inspire their own future adventures.

Maybe this reminds you of you. It certainly is us. We are first and foremost - travellers. We just love it. Can’t get enough of it. As a gay couple we’ve packed in a lifetime of travels in the last 12 years: both on and off the beaten track, gay pride festivals, tours, gay cruises, self-drive, rail. Planned and unplanned. City breaks and Pacific Island escapes.

Independently we’ve both a lifetime of personal travel experience, and professionally over twenty years in the industry - corporate, business and leisure, airlines and hotels. So we know a bit about travelling. Another thing we know, is that it's a big wide world out there and there’s always something new to learn about an old favourite destination or someplace new to discover.

That's why we created ‘Gaytway’. Because what better way to discover a new place to visit and be inspired to plan a trip than to tap in to someone else's experiences. And in this connected world we live in, no longer are we limited to hearing tales of our closest friends and family.

There is a whole community of fun-loving, like-minded adventure seekers and wanderlusters out there, and Gaytway is here to connect this community - a place to share insight and experiences through blogs, photos and vlogs. A place to find out about what is happening in the way of LGBT events, places where you can go as either L, G, B or T (or whichever letter you chose to identify with) where you can feel comfortable to be who you are, or get advice on travelling to places where it may not be safe to be ‘out and proud’. Having said that, as Gay people, we don't just travel to Gay places and do Gay things. That might be fun and we enjoy it. However, our interests and pleasures extend as far and wide as the eyes can see, and beyond.

So we invite you to sit back, relax (no ‘brace position’ required) and dive right in to a whole world of exploring and sharing with Gaytway.

And thanks for visiting! We hope you’ll stick around.


Giorgio Petti



Paul Lee-Maynard


Our Mission

To bring our community together, sharing a common passion for travel and discovering new places, cultures and people, in the spirit of freedom, tolerance and acceptance.