Vienna is a grand imperial city, along a majestic river, the Danube. The capital of a vast empire until 1918, today the city enchants its many visitors with its class, style and elegance. During the summer its imperial parks & gardens are an extraordinary place to walk and relax. In the cold & snowy winter months its rich museums, sparkling theatres, ornate cafes and restaurants offer shelter and endless cultural opportunities. In the weeks before Christmas the city turns into a spectacular and glittering winter wonderland, with its famous Christkindlmarkt and amazing festive street lights.

LGBT info – Most of the gay bars & clubs are located in city’s South-West, in the Mariahilf neighbourhood, mostly around the Kettenbrückengasse U-Bahn station. There are exceptions though, such as the stunning and historical Kaiserbrundl Sauna which is in the centre of town, close to St Stephen’s cathedral.

Gaytway Guide to Vienna

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    Our friendly and family-run guest house is located in one of Vienna’s most beautiful districts: the 8th, Josefstadt. 
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    • St Stephen’s Cathedral
    • The centre of Vienna is dominated by the imposing St Stephen’s with its gothic spires and its colourful roof covered in glass tiles – over 200,000 of them! If you fancy a bit of exercise you can climb to the top of the main tower (137 metres and 343 steps high) and be rewarded by amazing views over the city.

    • Visit the Emperor’s Palaces & Treasures
    • When Vienna was the centre of a vast empire, the royal couple would live in the majestic and historical Hofburg in the centre of the city and the Schönebrunn Palace – their summer residence, just outside Vienna’s heart. The latter boasts a whopping 1,441 rooms and an amazing collection of Baroque and classical art. Most of the Emperor’s rich art collection is on show at the Kunsthistorische Museum.

    • Immerse yourself in Art
    • In the early 1900s Vienna became the capital of Jugendstil, a branch of Art Nouveau. A real and total break from the traditional art of the time with floral & natural themes. Admire these masterpieces, such as Klimt’s famous ‘Kiss’ at the Belvedere and Leopold Museums, The Secessionist Building, plus in various other buildings around the city.

    • Be merry at Vienna’s Christmas Markets
    • If you visit between mid-November and late December then you have the chance of visiting Vienna’s world famous Christmas Markets (Christkindlmarkt). There are several around the city, but the main one is spectacularly set in front of the Rathaus and features typical stands selling festive decorations, delicious seasonal foods and of course plenty of tasty punch and mulled wine (Glüwein).

    • Savour Schnitzel
    • Wiener Schnitzel may not be originating in Austria (it is said that it comes from Lombardy, in Italy), but it is definitely the no 1 adopted dish of the city. And to be fair the Viennese have perfected the dish to an absolute high. Try the veal speciality at Figlmüller, one of the most traditional restaurants in the city.

    • Sample the Café Culture
    • The Viennese have also another passion: coffee and cakes. And they have built temples in honour of this tradition. Try the amazing Café Central, with its stunning grand architecture, which saw famous (or infamous) customers during its history, from Adolph Hitler, Sigmund Freud and Vladimir Lenin. Or pop to Hotel Sacher, to try a slice of the famous chocolate and apricot jam cake.

    • Bathe in splendour
    • Kaiserbrundl gay sauna originally open in 1889 as the Central Bath House and in its heyday attracted some important figures, including Ludwig Viktor, Emperor Franz Josef’s brother, who is said to have had a predilection for handsome young men. Saved from ruin this beautiful complex is a great place to relax and socialise, still featuring the original marble baths & pool, imposing frescoed vaults and gilded arabesque rooms.
  • Café Berg

    Vienna's premier space for LGBTIQ people for 20 years

    Café Rifugio

    Small and friendly local café

    Café Rüdiger

    Gay Hustler Bar in Vienna

    Café Savoy

    Café Savoy is an established gay haunt that has a more traditional cafe feel to it.

    Café X Bar

    A small affectionately styled café, that turns into a cocktail-bar during the evening

    Das Gugg

    The Gugg café and HOSI (Homosexuelle Initiative) headquarters are located at the very heart of Vienna


    Bar & Cruise Club with darkroom


    Felixx focuses on great ambience with excellent wines, a well balanced choice of cocktails, small snacks and charming service


    Opened in the summer of 2011, Fett+Zucker has become a permanent fixture on the scene

    Frauencafé Wien

    Vienna's Lesbian-only space & café, originally founded as a collective by a group of lesbians in the 70

    Hard On

    Club House of LMC Vienna

    Mango Bar

    Founded in 1981 it's the place where the young gay crowd meets.

    Motto am Fluss

    Motto am Flus lies right on the Danube Canal at Schwedenplatz like a racy speedboat.

    Peter's Operncafé

    Peter, an opera aficionado and enthusiast, founded the cafe as a place for all opera lovers to meet and discuss opera.

    Red Carpet

    Club, Lounge & Bar open until late

    Santo Spirito

    Classical music, red silk, long opening hours, good food, and a mixed clientele

    Schik Bar

    This bar/café is the place for easy-going people to relax with their friends


    Cosy Resturant Sixta, located in the fifth district combines rustic charm with modern accents.

    Village Bar

    Trendy Gay Bar with music video wall and cool sound

    Wiener Freiheit

    Founded in 1988; a meeting place for gay, lesbian and transgender people
  • Pitbull Vienna 'Bear & Butch'

    Hot Leather/Bear Party currently held at Club Titanic once a month

    Why Not

    Founded as a night club in the early 1950s the small dance club has become a true insider's tip and the pioneer of the viennese gay community in the 70s
  • Buchhandlung Löwenherz

    Sharing the location with Café Berg, here you can browse for hours among thousands of books, magazines, and DVDs


    A fine assortment of feminist and lesbian literature in both German and English

    Clone Zone

    Local branch of British chain Clone Zone

    Man for Man

    Gay Shop & Cinema with darkroom & sex cabins

    Sex World & Spartacus XXL

    Austria's biggest gay/fetish store, also cinema with cabins & themed areas

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